Hi, I’m Toby. I lead the creative team at About Us Films. Most days I marvel that I get to create and craft stories through motion pictures. 

As my hobby turned profession has become a tool to help other remember the most important day of their lives, the privilege of capturing some of the most touching moments that not many guests or even family get to experience is not lost on me.

Twenty-twenty brought on many changes. For many couples it was the ups and downs of planning an event in times they could not foresee. As gatherings got smaller our vision and craft became even more in focus. We have always prided ourselves as keen observers with our cameras and microphones – present at all the right moments but out of the way. 

Twenty-twenty-one continues that wave of change, but we hope it won’t stop you from celebrating the big moments even smaller gatherings. It would be our pleasure to capture those moments. 

– Toby